The USA is the biggest market in the world when it comes to consumer goods and for many companies it is the one place where they focus most of their gambling efforts. Gambling and gaming is seen as having its home in the USA, and millions of visitors each year flock to play the casino games offered in Las Vegas.

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Mobile bingo is one of the newer concepts to the gambling industry and is developing rapidly as smartphone technology starts to enable more and more things to become possible on the small screen of a mobile phone. Most mobile slots gambling customers in the USA play on sites based in the USA itself, but there is no restriction on them joining a site based anywhere in the world. Most gambling sites will happily accept any currency, including US dollars.

The US government has spent most of the last decade trying to come up with legislation which defines what is legal in the world of online gambling, and with the advent of gambling on smartphones, this is going to become even more complex. Although the legal issues and arguments will not affect the majority of players, the key fact to remember is to only play on sites which are reputable and which have good reviews from fellow players. Avoid sites which make it hard to withdraw or deposit funds, or who charge too much commission for doing so. Players in the USA should also ensure that any site which they are considering for their mobile slots  and bingo offers customer support lines staffed by people with a good command of English, so that any problems with playing the games or withdrawing funds can be resolved quickly. Many sites offer email and live chat support as well as a customer services line for their customers.